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Channel Catfish                 4-6"                     $699.00 per 1000  

Largemouth Bass               2.75"                    $169.00 per 100  

Bluegill                                 2.5-3"                 $599.00 per 1000

Black Crappie                      3-4"                    $169.00 per 100

 Coppernose Bluegill           2.5-3"                 $599.00 per 1000      

Species                                Size                              Price           

Ask about free delivery!  Special rates or incentives may also be offered, especially on large orders and we do sell in quantities of less than 1000 fish.  Notice the sizes of our fish. These sizes have an excellent survival rate, are very affordable, and each grow off very quickly.

Call us and we will be glad to discuss this further.


1 (800) 362-3390

The sizes above are approximate. Prices, sizes, and species are subject to availability and could change without notice.  Special conditions may exist concerning long distance deliveries outside of our routine coverage area.

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