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   Parker's Fish Farm L.L.C. has spent over four decades stocking ponds and lakes, providing tens of millions of fish to satisfied customers throughout the states of Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.

   Recently an elderly gentleman who had purchased fish from me over 30 years ago called to place an order.  He proudly stated that he still had my business card from all those years past.  He chuckled when he said that he was now 80 but that he was a young man back when we first supplied him fish.  I laughed and said that I was a young man back then too.  I was 18 when I started this business and I'm now over 60.

   Repeat business is not a given; it has to be earned and in doing so there are no short cuts and no gimmicks.  Customers remember those things they see and experience first hand, things like real quality at an affordable price, personal, courteous service, state of the art delivery trucks, as well as knowledgeable, helpful delivery specialists.  And let's not forget year round service.

   I guess it's not surprising that our customers keep coming back.  They feel comfortable dealing with us and know that we will do everything we say and more to make their purchasing experience a very enjoyable one.

Call or email us today for all your stocking needs.  You'll be glad you did!


Mark Parker

Simpson, Louisiana


1 (800) 362-3390

1 (337) 383-7820

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