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Parkers Fish Farm offers pond and lake stocking to Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. For over four decades Parker's Fish Farm has provided quality, hatchery-raised fish, as well as honest, reliable service to thousands of people wishing to enjoy the benefits of raising their own fish.

Our goal is to tailor pond or lake stocking to fit your particular needs. When you call, we will listen to your stocking requests, address any questions you have and may even offer a few suggestions. We encourage you to call so that we can discuss your stocking needs



From our fish farm in west-central Louisiana, using state of the art delivery trucks, we can provide you with unsurpassed quality. Your fish will be loaded on a truck and will soon be swimming in your pond or lake. Short transport time helps assure that your fish always arrive in excellent condition. I don't think anyone offers a fresher, healthier fish than we provide.


Parker's Fish Farm, LLC is all about providing a quality product and outstanding service at an affordable price. Such thinking is a way of life here and has been for over 40 years. If you are considering stocking a pond or lake, let us prove why we truly are pond and lake stocking at its finest.




Mark Parker

1 (800) 362-3390   

1 (337) 383-7820

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